Toyota 79 Series Landcruiser Maroon Single Cab Coil Conversion


Toyota 79 Series Landcruiser Single Cab


Superior 2″ Inch Coil Conversion Fully Fitted Kit + Airbag Man Coil Air Kit Helper


This immaculate Maroon 79 Series Landcruiser has been Converted from being leaf sprung to a more compliant ride and better handling both on and offroad with one of our Superior Engineering Coil Conversion Kits with an Airbag Man Coil Air Helper Kit.

This kit was supplied with everything to convert the vehicle from leaf springs to coil springs including all brackets, mounts, coils, shocks, control arms, brake lines and also full fitting.

Rear Coil Conversion Kit comprises of the following:

  • Coil Springs
  • Adjustable Shock Absorbers
  • Side Chassis Brace
  • Sway Bar Kit
  • Upper Control Arm Mounts (Diff and Chassis)
  • Lower Control Arm Fixed Pins
  • Lower Control Arm/Shock Mount
  • Coil Tower/Bracing
  • Lower Coil Mounts
  • Upper Adjustable Control Arms
  • Lower Control Arms
  • Handbrake Relocation Bracketry
  • All Required Bolts and Fasteners

This fitment included the following extras fitted also:

  • Airbag Man 3″ Inch Coil Helper Air Kit

NOTE: The fitted products listed above are optional extras and not part of the coil conversion kit!


View the Superior Coil Conversion 2″ Inch Fully Fitted Kit for the Landcruiser 79 Series Here

View the Airbag Man 3″ Inch Coil Helper Air Kit Here

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